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Why is Waterless skincare so important?

Water usually makes up around 70% of your usual lotions and creams, this leaves less room for the active ingredients. However, all Clockface Beauty products are WATERLESS.

In a recent report by Mintel, water is described as “the new luxury” as it becomes increasingly scarce.

So, we developed innovative and concentrated products which will deliver on results, but preserve water supply.

It sounds obvious when you say it, but water doesn’t actually get absorbed into the skin because the surface of your skin is literally made to be water resistant.

Waterless skincare products by Clockface Beauty
We only make waterless skincare products

Water molecules are actually larger than your pores, so they can’t enter. Water is actually one of the things that when put on the skin can actually dry it out.

By developing sustainable products which don’t contain water we don’t need to use artificial chemical preservatives and you need less product sue per application as it’s so concentrated.

Our waterless skincare products use active plant botanicals, hydrating natural oils and butters to even skin tone and soften.

Our philosophy is if it doesn’t make your skin beautiful it isn’t in our skincare – simple.

So even our ingredients that add texture to our range also give something beneficial to your skin.

We champion not using water as a filler ingredient and replacing with active ingredients that promote great skin – great for you and great for our planet – beauty exactly the way nature intended.

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Any orders placed between 18th - 30th July will not be dispatched until the 31st July .