Cleanser, Cloth and Serum Trio for Women

Limited Edition


We’ve combined our favourite Clockface Beauty essentials to create the perfect skincare routine just for you.

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Start by nourishing the skin with our Signature Collection Cleansing balm and bamboo face cloth, the perfect pair – this silky cleansing balm melts away make up and impurities leaving skin beautifully clean deep down. Our high performance Signature Collection Facial Serum then helps to even tone, lift, moisturise and tighten skin leaving you with beautifully glowing skin.

We recommend for all your treatments to be stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. As our products are 100% natural and made without synthetic stabilising chemical, with the balms and scrubs if you accidentally leave too long in the heat, the texture may become looser, in this instance just leave in the fridge and the treatment will return back to its usual consistency.

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