Angelite & Rose Gold Bracelet

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A luxurious natural stone bracelet, made up of Blue Angelite stones and enhanced with a 14 carat Rose Gold filled bead. A stylish piece of jewellery that also invokes a sense of inner peace.


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Product Details

Blue Angelite is a powerful stone that was discovered in Peru in the 1980s. Associated with the wind, it has a beautiful milky blue appearance that is believed to have a calming effect on your mind. Wear it throughout the day to ignite a sense of inner peace.

The stones are offset with a 14 carat Rose Gold filled bead.

Length – Approximately 7 inches
Bead Diameter – Approximately 8mm

Please note:

Not suitable for small children

Due to the stones being a natural product, the beads used in this bracelet may have some very slight imperfections on the outer surfaces.

How To Use

Wear this bracelet throughout the day either alone, or stacked alongside other jewellery for a beautiful statement. If you need a few moments of peace throughout the day, try holding the bracelet in your hand to absorb its calming properties.


Blue Angelite beads. 14 carat Rose Gold filled bead.

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