Best Organic, Cruelty-Free Skincare Company by Lux Life Magazine

We’re delighted to announce that Clockface Beauty has been awarded the Best Organic, Cruelty-Free Skincare Company by Lux Life Magazine.

Being organic and cruelty-free is such an important part of our message, and it means so much that our brand has been recognised for that. 

We’re very proud that every single Clockface Beauty product is a minimum of 85% Organic, except when certain ingredients can’t be certified such as our Pink Himalayan Salt. This ingredient cannot be classed as truly organic as it’s a carbon-based compound. But, although salt can’t be classified as organic, it’s still ethically sourced and 100% natural.

And being Cruelty-Free is just such a given in this modern day. Creating luxury skincare that actually works for your skin, can be done in a kind and vegan way. So why would we do anything else?

“Our principles are so important to us. We knew that Clockface Beauty was always going to be a vegan skincare brand, and an organic skincare brand, because not only is that an important message to convey – it’s how Mum creates. She was following this ethos before we even created the brand. To be recognised for it and to win an award for it, means so much to us.” – Sarah Thomas, Co-Founder.

As well as being cruelty-free and organic, Clockface Beauty is a vegan, waterless and 100% natural skincare brand. Click Here to read more about our principles

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