Enjoy a complimentary session with Bronnie’s Yoga

Clockface Beauty is about so much more than just good skin. Our entire line was dedicated to making you feel fantastic, calming your mind and looking after your inner as well as outer glow.

Listening to and looking after your body is a crucial step in your overall health, and we want to make that journey a little bit easier.

On 23rd March, we welcomed talented yogi, Bron Wright to an Instagram live interview. We wanted to learn more about the practise of yoga and help dispel some of the myths that we tend to hear.

As a special thank you, Bron offered our Clockface Beauty customers a complimentary, 45 minute yoga class, which will be taking place via Zoom. To take part, simply subscribe below for whichever class is best suited to you.

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Complimentary Accessible Yoga Class- 31st March 2021 – 7pm

This is an accessible yoga class, which won’t include any floor work. Carry out the entire class from a seated position in a chair.

Bookings have now closed for this event.

Complimentary Yoga Class – 1st April 2021 – 7:30pm

This is a wonderful class for beginners or intermediate practitioners of yoga.

Bookings have now closed for this event.

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