Best natural skin care products for a beautiful autumn complexion

Clockface Beauty Autumn Skincare

Are you using the best natural skin care products for your sun damaged skin? Too many UV rays during summer can cause an uneven skin tone, dry and rough patches, and mild hyper-pigmentation, all caused by over-exposure to UV rays.

So when autumn comes around, it’s important that you focus on using natural ingredients for your skin, packed with antioxidants to counter this sun damage. At Clockface Beauty, we have an entire range of natural face products designed specifically to repair and rejuvenate your summer complexion, but which ones should you use on your sun damaged skin?

4 natural face products ideal for sun damaged skin

Sun damaged skin needs to be cleaned, nourished, conditioned and protected. The best natural ingredients for sun damaged skin are antioxidants, because they help to reverse the effects of free radical damage, caused by over-exposure to UV rays. If you want to repair your skin this autumn, you need a good quality exfoliator, a nourishing moisturiser, conditioning lip balm and a fabulous hydrating balm for your dry and neglected hands.

Exfoliating face scrub: Our Clary Sage & Juniper Berry Face Scrub is packed with antioxidants that help to repair your skin and protect your complexion from further damage. If you want the best natural skin care for your autumn complexion, our exfoliating face scrub ticks all the boxes!

Nourishing moisturiser: Our Clary Sage & Juniper Berry Face Moisturising Balm is wonderfully aromatic and deeply hydrating. With a range of potent antioxidants, your sun damaged skin is repaired, and your skin looks firmer, softer and healthier.

Conditioning lip balm: For dry and irritated lips, our Signature Collection Lip Balm is the perfect solution. Containing antioxidants to refresh and repair, essential oils to hydrate and moisturise, and anti-inflammatories to sooth dry and chapped lips, you can look forward to soft, luscious lips this autumn!

Hydrating hand balm: In summer, the skin on your hands can quickly become dry and sun damaged, which is why we created our Frankincense & Rose Hand & Cuticle Oil. This oil contains an essential blend of natural ingredients for skin that’s been damaged by UV rays, soothing, revitalising, moisturising and healing your hands and cuticles.

For more information on our autumn skincare range, explore our shop or send us an enquiry.

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