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About Us


Sarah Thomas

A champion in empowerment through beautiful skin, she is the creative mind behind Clockface Beauty, she makes it her mission to help people know exactly what they’re putting onto their skin. From using only carefully selected, pure, powerful 100% natural, vegan, organic and cruelty-free ingredients, to ensuring total transparency of labelling, she sees the power and intelligence of nature for unlocking beauty, soothing the mind and rejuvenating the body. Above all, she believes everyone deserves a little me time every day, however small – and she’s driven to help everyone get the best from it by creating multi tasking, results driven skin care. As a busy mum of two young boys and a qualified Chartered Accountant by background, Sarah understands the value of time. She also knows how important it is to get the most out of it – and why the products you use should help you come away from it looking and feeling like the very best version of you, inside and out.

“When I was pregnant with my eldest son my skin changed dramatically, had a multitude of concerns and I became very aware of what I was putting on to my skin. My Mum, Karen gave me what has now become our Signature Collection Facial Serum, something she had been formulating and perfecting for herself for five years and it was, not exaggerating a life changing moment for me. It completely unlocked the door to beautiful skin, the transformation was incredible. I believe everyone should feel confident in their own skin and in a natural way. Nature is beautiful, powerful and intelligent and within our formulations gives you so much more than healthy, glowing skin.”

Karen Horsley

Working as a specialist scientist for more than 30 years, Karen brings her experience and expertise to Clockface Beauty’s full treatment range. She is instrumental in product development, working alongside her daughter, Sarah, to ensure that everything we create is tried, tested and trusted. Karen has a real passion for ageing both beautifully and naturally – and is all too aware that just because a product says ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s all natural. With this in mind, she applies her knowledge of scientific principles and practices to formulating intelligent all-natural treatments that are just that: 100% natural. And she’s helping to ensure that the treatments we develop perform for our customers.

“As my skin began to age, I suffered terribly with dry, red, irritated and sensitive skin which I just couldn’t clear, I tried everything from high street ranges to pharmaceutical solutions and nothing worked. This is when I began researching all natural skincare, it took time and many different ingredient formulations to perfect, but working as a Specialist Scientist I had a lifetime of expertise  to draw upon. What has now become our Signature Collection Facial Serum changed everything for me, my skin became beautifully clear, and it has also worked miracles for me during the natural ageing process. We should all be able to feel confident in our own skin and that’s exactly what our multi tasking formulations do “

Our All-Natural Ingredient Promise

We believe nature provides all the power and potency we need to look and feel our best. Our all-natural promise means you’ll always know that all our treatments are 100% plant and nature-derived, sourced ethically and responsibly, and clearly labelled to help you make a better, more informed choice for your skin.

Each ingredient is a powerful extraction from nature, all chosen to be combined within our intelligent formulations to create visible results for your skin and also be good for the product.

You’ll never find any synthetic chemicals, parabens, silicone, sulphates or artificial fragrances in there – nor will you find artificial preservatives.

Beauty the way nature intended®

Any orders placed between 20-28th December will not be dispatched until 29th December.