Our Skincare Principles

Healthy, nourished skin in just a few steps - our multi tasking capsule range

Skincare for all skin types – yes you heard that right!

We create formulas for people who want the confidence that comes from beautiful, nourished skin. We’ve developed a capsule range of products for you that have been designed to treat various skin concerns such as anti-ageing or anti-blemish, and suitable for all skin types.

We don’t think your skincare should ever be a chore and always a pleasure, our multi tasking skincare means you need less products, less steps, perfect for you and sustainable by less waste for the planet.

Multi-tasking skincare to help grow confidence from healthy, conditioned skin.

The Power of Nature

Based in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, we see the beauty and power of nature every day. And that’s why the Clockface Beauty skincare range is 100% natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan, nothing else added, no artificial chemicals or synthetic fragrances – Beauty the way nature intended®

We don’t believe you should have to choose between high performance skincare and natural skincare which is why every product is made with results, transparency and nature at its heart. Choosing only the best, most targeted ingredients from around the world, to give you results led all natural skincare.

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Ingredient Led

We are completely ingredient lead, if it doesn’t make your skin beautiful it isn’t in our skincare. Even when searching for ingredients that add to texture we made sure they also enhanced your skin, for example candelilla wax, great for reducing dark circles and has astringent qualities, all whilst enhancing the feel of our balms and scrubs. Everything we make is 100% natural and formulated by our founders Sarah and Karen, a specialist scientist with over 30 years experience.

It’s also why our skincare is all waterless. Typically water makes up around 70% of your skincare products. We instead wanted to use potent botanical extracts, containing more active ingredients that work to give you beautiful skin.

Without water, we are creating products that do not contain what can essentially be just a filler ingredient that can also dry the skin, it is instead, full of antioxidants, vitamins and actives, which actively promote great skin health.

Transparency and clarity

We want to lead the way for transparency in skincare, all labels have to include an INCI ingredient list, but this can be incredibly hard to decipher.

So, we want to be as transparent as possible about what goes in to our skincare, which is why we list on every box all the ingredients in their common name, then you know exactly what you are putting on to your skin.

And we aim to be as sustainable as we can too, 100% of our packaging can be recycled or upcycled.

Time is of the Essence

Luxury natural skincare should not just be about efficacy and quality, but about a multi sensory experience to enhance your overall well-being and aligned to your choices for your health.

That’s why all our products are formulated to give that spa experience in your home, to make sure that you make the most of your “me time”, because, we believe in those special moments of time for just you

Ethical, sustainable and organic

Our skincare is more than natural, it is organic too. We believe in ethically sourced, pure, potent ingredients which is why all our products are a minimum of 85% organic (of certifiable ingredients as ingredients such as Pink Himalayan Salt cannot ever be classified as organic). We nourish our body with organic food and your skin deserves the same, many of the non-organic beauty products can include a high amount of synthetic chemicals such as parabens, formaldehyde or petroleum waxes.

Organic skincare products can complete your whole regime without any artificial chemicals and fragrances. It is better for your skin and can align with your health choices. Also, better ingredient means better results!

All our products are contained within amber glass jars and bottles which is fully recyclable or up-cyclable, with the exception of our lip balms which are in recyclable plastic.

We believe in the protection of our oceans and all that live beneath it, which is why for every order that you place directly with us we will make a donation to the Marine Conservation Society. The Marine Conservation Society is the UK’s leading marine charity. Who work to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected. They were instrumental in the campaign against microbeads in personal products, and amongst their many campaigns are currently fighting against unflushable wetwipes to help protect our sewers, seas and beaches.