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A fresh start: 3 quick tips for a vegan skin detox

Well, the festivities are over for another year. As we get into another January, and New Year seems like a distant memory, it’s that time when we all make a commitment to create some healthy changes – for body and mind. Gym memberships. Diet plans. Good intentions. The best thing about January (amid the dark mornings and the grey days) is that it’s the ideal time to make a fresh start. To detox from the overindulgences of December, and make positive changes – like enjoying the benefits of going vegan. Veganuary and beyond

If you haven’t already come across it, Veganuary is a great cause that encourages us all to make vegan changes in our everyday lives. Whether it’s a conscious decision based on a love of animals or concern for our environment, or you’ve heard about the health benefits of vegan diets, it’s an opportunity to try out the lifestyle for a month. Veganuary, just like January itself, is all about making little changes. And one of the easiest vegan changes you can make is thinking about your skincare regime. The simple fact is vegan, organic and cruelty-free treatments are naturally some of the best ways to detoxify your skin, ridding it of artificial chemicals and the aftereffects of makeup, harsh weather and those cosy festive fires. So, whatever changes you make to your lifestyle, here are our three top tips for an all-natural skin detox this January.

1. Gently does it

The key to a detox diet is preparation – spending a few days gradually reducing certain food types rather than suddenly withdrawing them. Our skin is just the same. As much as you may be tempted, avoid harsh changes. The first step most people take involves scrubs. But often, the artificial chemicals and abrasives in these can do more harm than good. Vegan ingredients, however, take a gentler approach – our Face Scrub, for example, uses clary sage and juniper berry, along with natural Himalayan pink salt and other vegan astringents and nutrients, to gently cleanse skin deep down without any harshness – either to the environment or to your skin. After all, it’s a tough time of year for your skin as it is, which brings us to…

2. Condition for the cold

Step outside and you can feel it – winter is here and the thermometer is on its way down. So, it’s important to remember that ‘detox’ doesn’t mean going without. It just means making choices that cleanse and condition without synthetic chemicals or additives – especially when you factor in the icy temperatures and biting winds we’re facing every day. Essential oils, butters and waxes, from avocado to jojoba, are rich with vitamins and nutrients that gently soothe, cleanse and revitalise skin, while helping to protect and repair skin naturally. And they’re all plant-based and cruelty-free – such as in our Signature Collection Facial Serum for women or for men. Used morning and night, the long-lasting purifying and conditioning ingredients can prepare you for the cold; hydrating dry skin, removing dead cells and mitigating the impact of the harshest time of year.

3. Make time for you

– and keep it up New Year resolutions are always the first things to fall by the wayside as winter drags on. The key to Veganuary is commitment; keep it up for a month, and you might just make it a habit. The same rings true for skincare. Enjoying a little ‘me time’ every day is not just a treat to tide you through January – it’s an essential moment of self-care that can help you turn a good intention into a lasting lifestyle choice.

Even beyond this, a natural, vegan detox is not just good for the skin – it’s good for your mind too, inspiring a positive outlook to set you up for the year ahead, all while feeling better about your relationship with the planet. Veganuary is part of a far bigger movement concerned about our environment, the way we treat animals, and the way we treat ourselves. Going vegan in your skincare regime is a great starting point for exploring this lifestyle – and it’s an even better way to ensure your year starts with skin that looks and feels beautifully fresh.

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Any orders placed between 20-28th December will not be dispatched until 29th December.